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If you are looking for a towing service in the Hana area, we invite you to contact KP Towing LLC. Offering the finest tow truck services for the best rates, we’re the team for you.

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Everyone’s Talking About Our Tow Trucks

We only think about tow truck companies when we need a tow truck on the scene. When you find yourself in need, though, we’re confident you’ll find your way to us. With a lengthy list of longtime clients to our name, everyone’s been singing our praises for years.

What sets us apart from the rest? Our versatility. We’ve risen the ranks in our industry by offering our clients a full suite of tow truck services. Some of these include:

Auto Collision Towing

If you and your vehicle are involved in a collision, your vehicle might not be able to get to the nearest collision center or your home without a little assistance. We offer the solution to problems such as these. When you find yourself staring at a damaged vehicle on the side of the road, don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Off-road Pullouts

Slippery roads can sometimes send us off the beaten path and into a roadside ditch or field. While your vehicle might not be able to drive itself out of the ditch, our powerful tow trucks will surely get you back on the road in little time.


After a vehicle has been safely pulled out of a ditch, it sometimes just won’t start. More often than that, all that’s required is a simple, straight-forward jumpstart. Our certified tow truck drivers are more than capable of jumpstarting your vehicle. Our savvy approach might just save you an unnecessary—and costly—trip to the local garage.

Unauthorized Vehicle Towing

Like we said, we don’t just work on behalf of motorists. We help business owners enforce the rules of their private parking lots on a regular basis. If an unauthorized vehicle has been left on your lot for too long, request the expertise of our tow truck drivers.

Emergency Towing Services for You

There is never a good time to find yourself stranded on the side of the road or in need of a tow truck. Thankfully, any time is a good time to call us. Our emergency towing services are available around-the-clock, ensuring you’ll get the help you need any time you contact us.

Not only are we capable of deploying our standard tow trucks in the quiet hours of the night, but we are also capable of sending our flatbed tow trucks, as well. Our flatbed services are available around the clock, ensuring your heavy-duty equipment will never have to wait long to be transported.

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